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Captain Parks Airport Parking Myths

When it comes to booking you Manchester Airport Parking, we believe here at JetParks that quality, price and location are your main priorities, and we hope we deliver on all 3 of these for you. However, there are still a number of myths that linger about, making people worry about booking a budget airport parking option.

So here is a list of the 10 most common cheap airport parking myths that still prevail today, and hopefully some sensible explanations from your very own Captain Parks to put all your minds at ease.

1) The Car Parks are in the middle of no-where
This is a silly misconception that I believe stems from the belief that the cheaper airport parking option is going to leave you stranded in the middle of no-where. This could not be further from the truth, many car parks, like JetParks 1 and 2 are built on the vast amounts of land that surround Manchester airport, so you are no more than a stone’s throw away

2) The car parks are not manned 24 / 7
Gone are the days when you drop your keys off with a land owner who was the proprietor of a plot on the airports borders, and hope for the best. The industry has matured to such an extent, and the choice for you, the client so plentiful, that security is paramount to us. If security was not above and beyond what was expected for the onsite parking sites, the off-site parking industry would collapse.

3) Your car will be left in a muddy field
Perhaps true some 30 years or so ago, however, with today’s year round travel, it is vital that any car that arrives in sunshine can leave in rain. A field, muddied by the inconsistent British weather would see its business disappear very rapidly. All regulated car parks such as JetParks will meet very high surface standards, so there is no fear of arriving back and needing a tow out from a friendly farmer.

4) Your car will be scratched or damaged when you return
As with all Manchester Airport Parking services JetParks has 24 hour security to ensure that every possible procuration is taken to maintain the protection of your vehicle while you are away so you have peace of mind on your holiday.

5) Your car will be used without your permission while you are away Although with the car parks that retain your keys, they do have the right to move your car as is appropriate, you should have no fear of your vehicle being taken for a joy ride ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ style. With JetParks though you keep hold of your own car keys, so there is no need to worry about me taking Mrs Parks out for a spin.

6) When you return you won’t be able to get your car out
Save for a torrent of snow or treacherous icy conditions (that would prevent driving on any surface) you should really not worry about weather condition hampering your exit, or no security to open the barrier. If you do get stuck, there’s always Captain Parks to come to the rescue.

7) There will be no-one to get you to or from the airport
One of the key factors of the offsite airport parking is the essential need to have a reliable and fast shuttle system to the airport. JetParks runs a shuttle service every 15 minutes 24 hours a day and there is also no need to fear from other reputable Manchester Airport Parking companies either. They will always get you back to your car

8) It will cost extra to get to the airport
If you are going to put on a shuttle service, it had better be free; no company would get any business if not!

9) It will be cheaper to get a taxi
This may possibly be the case if you live round the corner from the airport and you are going away for 2 weeks. However, for most people who could face a round trip of over 100 miles. Offsite airport parking can cost as little as £2 or £3 / day, making far cheaper in terms of cost and convenience.

10) The car parks are not run by legitimate companies
Although you will still encounter the odd chancer looking to make and easy pound at your expense, the vast majority of off-site airport parking services are strongly vetted by the police to ensure they are fully secure and receive on-going consultation with security experts to ensure standards are continually maintained. JetParks is owned and run by the Manchester Airport Group, so you know you are going to be taken care of.

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