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Want to get through security with ease?

To make your journey as easy as possible, make sure you are aware of the rules. 

Be in the know by ready the below on airport security - we have created a quick breakdown for you:

-There are bag size restrictions on plane.
-Limited liquid quantities – 100ml rule. These must be carried in a see-through, re-sealable plastic bag that’s no more than 8x8 inches.
--Containers over 100ml are not permitted.
-Medicines are allowed on the plane, but you may be asked to taste them or provide proof that you require said medicine.
-All cabin baggage will X-rayed.

Banned items:
• Sharp items
• Projectile firing weapons
• Stunning and incapacitating devices
• Tools
• Blunt instruments
• Explosive or incinerating substances
• Dangerous goods

-Liquids over 100ml bought in airport shopping can’t be taken through security.
-Only one bag of liquids per person is permitted, which will be examined.

What not to pack in your hand luggage:
• Scissors
• Knives
• Tweezers
• Tools
• Toy/replica guns
• Knitting needles
• Corkscrews
• Snooker/pool cues
• Razor blades
• Household cutlery
• Hypodermic needles (unless medically necessary)
• Catapults
• Sporting bats
• Walking/hiking poles
• Darts

Items banned from checked in baggage:
• Flammable liquids and solids
• Oxidisers like bleaching powders
• Organic peroxides
• Tear gas
• Gas cylinders
• Infectious substances
• Wet cell car batteries
• Magnetrons
• Instruments containing mercury
• Instruments containing magnets
• Fireworks/pyrotechnics
• Non safety matches
• Paints/thinner/fire lighters/lighter fuel
• Poisons/arsenic/cyanide/weed killer
• Radioactive materials/acids/corrosives/alkalis/caustic soda
• Creosote/quicklime/oiled paper
• Vehicle fuel system components that have contained fuel
• Explosives/ammunition/detonators and related equipment
• Smoke canisters and cartridges

-Air tanks (for scuba diving) can’t be carried.
-You can’t take some meat and dairy products on board.
-Adult pureed food is treated as a liquid.
-There’s a constant screening and scanning process for passengers and luggage.
-This is the same for the workforce both before employment and consistently throughout their employment.

Liquid/gels/pastes must not exceed 100ml quantities and must be in a clear plastic bag, which must not exceed 1 litre.

Liquids include:
• Water and other drinks
• Soups
• Syrups
• Cream/lotion/gels
• Perfumes
• Lipstick
• Sprays
• Gels; hair and shower
• Foams and deodorants
• Pastes, including toothpaste
• Liquid solid mixtures
• Mascara
• And items of a similar consistency

-You must not carry any sharp items on board the plane.
-You shouldn’t carry any items for other people.
-Don’t leave anything unattended.
-Laptops and complex electrical items have to be screened separately.
-Medicine over 100ml can be carried with a prescription or doctor’s note.
-Baby food can be carried.

Published date: 28 May 2014

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