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Airport Security - summary

Going on holiday is something we spend the majority of the year looking forward to. After booking it following our previous vacation, we then spend the intervening months saving, making plans and writing copious amounts of lists detailing what we need.

However there’s one little hurdle to overcome before we get to our intended destination; the airport. Now the airport isn’t a scary place, in fact it’s an exciting place where the holiday journey begins, however there are certain rules that need to be followed.

These rules however, can impact on your vacation before you even start, if you aren’t aware of them. These rules include things that you can’t carry in your hand and check luggage, alongside restrictions on particular items inside the luggage itself.

Here’s a quick look at some airport rules you’ll need to know;

Banned Items
There are certain items that are completely banned when travelling. It doesn’t matter whether these items are in your hand luggage or your checked baggage, they’re simply not allowed, we can’t imagine why you’d be taking them on holiday in the first place.
Items here include; gas cylinders, poisons, flammable liquids, explosives, organic peroxides, non-safety matches and many similar items.

Hand Baggage
We know when we travel our hand baggage can be a life saver, it could be because it holds those little essentials we require, or for parents it can be used to hide things to keep your children occupied. But it’s also considered, by many, a place where you can put things you couldn’t put in your hold luggage.
However just like those items banned from anywhere on the plane, there are certain things that you simply cannot take into the cabin. You can however put them in your hold baggage.
These items include; scissors, knives (with blades more than 6cm), toy/replica guns, tools, darts, cuffs, knitting needles and razor blades amongst other various items.

Although liquids are allowed on the flight, you cannot carry any containers that are100ml or more through security which must then be carried in a see-through re-sealable plastic bag, so security can see inside. Even if you only have 100ml of liquid inside a larger container, these won’t be allowed, alongside items bought in the airport. Bigger liquids can however be carried in the hold.
Liquids include; drinks, soup, lipsticks, sprays, gels, creams, lotions, medicine, sprays, baby food and other items of a similar consistency.

Other Precautions
There are a number of other precautions in place to ensure airport and flight safety that doesn’t revolve around the contents of your luggage. This includes a restriction to the size of your hand luggage due to the limited amount of space on the plane, and the prevention of meat and dairy products being allowed on board.

Aside from these last two luggage orientated safety procedures, it’s also worth noting the governments ‘. This security check requires select travellers, who are chosen randomly, to go through the full body scanner; if they refuse then the traveller can be refused access to the flight.

Laptops and larger pieces of electrical equipment are also subject to special screening, alongside musical instruments, which are also screened separately.
It’s also worth noting that employees of the airline are screened before being employed and throughout their employment, in the way passengers and luggage are screened extensively to ensure safety for those using the airline.

Finally remember you shouldn’t carry items for other people or leave any item unattended within the airport.

And there you have it, a number of rules and safety regulations to put you at ease and ensure you won’t have any troubles next time you’re at the airport. Happy flying and happy holidays.

Published date: 28 May 2014

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