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Dealing with travel sickness

Travel sickness isn’t something that would particularly thrill anyone, and if you’re on a long haul flight, you’re usually preparing yourself for several hours in hell. But if you follow these steps, they could help you deal with travel sickness in a more appropriate way, other than filling several paper bags for the cabin crew.

Location, location, location
Where you sit on the plane, just like where you buy a house, is of vital importance. You wouldn’t want to move into a neighbourhood that sends your blood pressure through the roof; so why would you want a seat that turns you green?
Hopefully you wouldn’t, so if it’s possible try and get a seat either near the wing or at the front of the plane, as these seats tend to be more stable and a lot less shaky than others. Whilst here try and get the window seat so you can look onto the horizon. You should do this because staring out and concentrating on something, such as the horizon, can help calm motion sickness.

Cause a distraction
Obviously we mean to yourself, and not other people on the plane, because that’ll end in disaster.
Instead try to distract yourself from being on the plane by listening to some relaxing music, which also gives you something to concentrate on. Or you could go a little further and sleep, this way you won’t be aware you’re on the plane and you’ll wake up refreshed for your holiday.
The best way to ensure you sleep on the flight is to go to bed later and wake up earlier, ensuring you’re tired for your journey.

The right air
How can you have the wrong air I hear you ask, well this is a possibility on a flight.
Due to the sheer volume of people on the plane, the air can get a bit stuffy from time to time; after all it is a small space. Now no one likes being stuffy, and if you suffer with travel sickness this will only make matters a hundred times worse.
So to help ease this situation, aim your little seat fan towards your face to help increase the air flow, and provide yourself with some form of fresh air.

Wrist bands
They might not be the height of fashion but they could help settle that dodgy stomach of yours.
According to Chinese medicine, acupressure can help balance the body’s energy flow, and nausea is a sign of disturbance to this balanced energy flow. Therefore by wearing one of these acupuncture wrist bands, you’ll be applying pressure throughout your journey to help combat the symptoms and keep them at bay.

Alcohol free zone
Alcohol, although it may seem like your friend at the time, definitely isn’t. How many times have you woken up and declared ‘I’m never drinking again?’ too many to remember I bet.
So just think how bad morning sickness would be on a hangover or if you’re a little drunk; it’s probably worse than what you can imagine. Therefore it’s probably best you avoid alcohol before and during the flight; you can make up for it on the holiday.

Bad Literature
You probably thought you’d never hear this advice; but don’t read.
Although books are great, who doesn’t love books? One of the worst things you could possibly do is try and concentrate on the page and digest it mentally. So it’s probably best to keep to the music and looking out of the window.

Jump before you fly
This may sound like the most bizarre form of advice you’ll ever get, but have you tried trampolining?
You’re probably wondering why, but if you take part in motion based activities such as trampolining before you go on holiday, you can prepare yourself for the sudden movements associated with a plane journey.
Aside from helping you prepare for sudden movements, it’s also lots of fun and you’ll feel like a child again.

Just sparkle
You may sparkle in your own time, we don’t know, but here we’re talking about sparkling water.
Whereas still water may keep you hydrated, sparkling water will help settle your stomach, which is exactly what you’ll need if your travel sickness kicks in at the wrong time.

Positive vibes
Finally the most important thing you can do to help avoid travel sickness is to stay away from others suffering a similar fate.
The power of suggestion can be a terrible thing and if you have someone expressing their discomfort and telling you how sick they are for a few hours; chances are you’ll be joining them in the worst double act in history.
So stay away and concentrate on you, their sickness is their problem, not yours.

And there you have it, a few helpful tips you can put into motion to combat travel sickness the next time you go on holiday.

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