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Terms and Conditions for Jet Parks 1, 2 & 3 and JetParks Plus

Your Booking
1. This website is owned by Manchester Airport Plc (MA Plc), of Manchester Airport Manchester M90 1XD registered Company Number 1960988 and who are also the supplier.

2. You are entering into a contract with MA Plc for car parking at or in the vicinity of Manchester Airport, UK for the period confirmed in the online booking process comprising a series of calendar days or part thereof for the dates set out in your booking confirmation. The date of the contract is the date and time of confirmation of the booking as stated on the booking confirmation page and contained in the Booking Confirmation Email sent to the address entered and confirmed by you during the online booking process on the Manchester Airport website.

3. The minimum length of stay is 1 day; there is no maximum length of stay.

4. Bookings must be made before 10pm on the date prior to the date of arrival at the car park. All car park bookings are subject to availability and MA reserves the right to withdraw availability at its entire discretion for a given car park on a given date.

5. The price you pay is the price accepted and confirmed by you during the online booking process. All prices are in pounds sterling and include Value Added Tax and all applicable taxes. The price you pay is fixed for the stay duration between the Car Park Arrival and Car Park Departure dates and times that you have booked. The booking is valid for a single park entry and exit during the dates you have booked.

6. You must not resell or transfer any booking (in whole or in part).


7. Payment must be made in advance and online. Payment may be made using one of the following payment cards; Delta; MasterCard; Solo; Switch; VISA. We reserve the right not to fulfil your booking if your card is declined for any reason or if the payment card has been used fraudulently or without the cardholder's permission or if you are under the age of 18. It will be necessary for your personal data to be disclosed to the relevant card issuer for the purpose of processing and confirming your payment. Your data will not be disclosed to third parties other than the financial institution for the chosen payment method.

8. When you have completed your booking having entered the start and end dates for which car parking is required, we will send you a written confirmation of your booking by email to the address entered by you. You are responsible for supplying a valid email address and MA Plc cannot be held responsible for non-delivery due to transmission failure.
9. If you fail to collect your vehicle on the booked return date and time you will be responsible for all additional fees and charges which will be levied at Park the standard long stay gate tariff in place at that time.

We will charge all additional charges to your payment card.


10. Subject to Paragraph 11 below, you can cancel the contract by giving not less than 24 hours notice prior to the Car Park Arrival date by visiting and following the online instructions,. You will receive written confirmation of the cancellation to the e-mail address stipulated. In the event of any problems, you may alternatively cancel either by email to or, by fax to 0161 489 3555.

11. Cancellations must be advised at least 24 hours prior to the Car Park Arrival Date. A 7.50 administration charge will be levied and deducted from the refunded amount. Bookings made less than 24 hours before departure cannot be cancelled and are not refundable. Bookings at special discounted rates are non- refundable. ALL BOOKINGS CANCELLED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF THE CAR PARK ARRIVAL DATE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

Entry/exit procedures

12. You must enter/exit the car park following the instructions provided to you in your e-mail confirmation and on the car park booking confirmation page, using the credit/debit card used for the payment of this booking. Your booking is only valid for your designated car park on the specified dates. Any additional charges incurred as a result of non-compliance with entry/exit instructions or use of a different car park will be charged to your credit/debit card and will not be refunded.

Car Park Conditions of use

13. Members of the public use the car park entirely at their own risk in respect of their persons and/or property.

14. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, you use this car park on condition that:
i) MA plc, its servants or agents, will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any vehicle or its contents or any property whatsoever other than that which is attributable to wilful misconduct on its or its servants or agents part.
ii) MA plc, its servants or agents, are permitted at any time and in its/their absolute discretion to move any vehicle or other property and it will not be liable for any damage caused to any such vehicle or property other than that which is attributable to wilful misconduct on its part.
iii) MA plc reserve the right for it or its agents or the relevant Police Authority to move or remove any vehicle to safeguard any person or property against injury or damage or in the event of an actual or perceived threat to security and to remove vehicles which are, or appear to be, stolen or abandoned.

15. You will ensure that your vehicle is:
(a) parked only in areas designated for that purpose;
(b) not parked in such a manner as to cause an obstruction to other users.

16 a. Any vehicles left in non-parking areas will be removed by our agents, to a designated parking place where the vehicle will be immobilised by a clamp fitted to the wheel of the vehicle.
b. The clamp will be removed from the wheel of the vehicle on payment to us of all car parking charges due together with 50 for administering the removal of the vehicle from the non parking area and removal of the clamp.
c. MA plc, its servants or agents will not be liable for any damage caused to a vehicle as a result of a clamp having been fitted to the wheel of a vehicle other than that which is attributable to wilful misconduct on its part.

17. MA plc and its servants and agents reserve the right to refuse admittance to the car park.


18. MA plc reserve the right if prevented from supplying the car parking for any reason to cancel the contract or provide a suitable alternative parking location at no extra charge. MA plc will attempt to provide as much notice as is possible. Where this is not possible or alternative parking is not required MA plc will cancel the contract and will refund the payment received in respect of the booking to the credit/debit card used for payment but will not be responsible for any other costs, which you may incur as a result.

19. MA plc are only supplying you with car parking under the contract and will not be responsible for any costs, compensation costs or expenses relating to any flights or other services that you may have arranged. You are responsible for ensuring that you allow sufficient time for car parking, transfer to Terminals, airport procedures (including but not limited to checking –in and security) and any subsequent flight/travel arrangements.

20. Although MA plc attempts to provide our customers with a satisfactory service should you have any complaints please email us at .

21. MA Plc reserves the right, without notice, to amend the specification of the products or services presented on this site and to discontinue any product or service.

22. The laws of England and Wales govern the Contract between us and any dispute between us will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England and Wales.

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