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Holiday Car Security

Car owners who fly off on their holidays are often faced with a choice – leave the car at home or drive to the airport and park there. A two week break in the summer sunshine might leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, but what if you arrived home to find your car had been broken into or worse still, stolen? Advances in automotive technology now mean that it’s harder to break into cars that ever before, but a determined thief will always find a way. Here are a few things you could do to help prevent that nasty shock when you arrive back home.

Car Security
Depending on the age, make or model, your car could be particularly vulnerable to thieves if left unattended at home, or in the street while you’re enjoying your holiday. Car thieves have all manner of devices at their disposal, from metal rods to wedges to coat hangers. It may sound obvious, but double-check that you’ve locked the car before you leave, and put the keys in a secure place or leave them with a friend or neighbour. Don’t leave the keys in the house within reach of the letterbox. A steering wheel lock will also deter any passing thieves, as will having the windows etched with the registration or VIN (Vehicle Identity Number). Immobilisers are a more costly solution, but fitting one will help bring your car insurance cost down.

Keep valuables out of sight
If you are going to leave your car at home (or anywhere unattended for that matter), be sure to remove all valuables. Leaving a Sat Nav on display, or bags on the back seat is inviting opportunist thieves. Make sure you remove any coats, as it may look like you’re covering up something of value, and believe it or not, clean cars are stolen less – a clean car often means a tidy and caring owner, who most likely has had an immobiliser or alarm fitted, and therefore the car is less appealing to thieves. Another great tip is to empty out the glove box and leave it open – demonstrating there’s nothing of any value hidden inside the car.

Park at the airport
Leaving the car on the drive or outside your house for a couple of weeks might raise suspicion with an opportunistic thief, as would the sight of you leaving home and jumping into a taxi with luggage in tow. Airport parking is one way to alleviate some of the pressure of getting to the plane on time, and what to do with your car while you’re away. Do your research first, and find an officially approved airport parking lot, such as Jetparks. You’ll find plenty of gated, secure lots to ensure your car stays safe. Pre-book your space in advance and choose from lots just a short bus ride to the terminal, our multi-story options and even enjoy meet and great.

Trust the safety of your car to secure airport parking. And enjoy your holiday!

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