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Captain Parks Timperley Video Reel

Welcome to some of my favorite videos about Manchester. As some of you might now, I'm not a stranger to the small screen, having starred in my own advert for JetParks Manchester Airport Parking. However, these videos will hopefully give you more of a feel about the towns and villages around Manchester Airport

Todays video selection is a tribute to Timperley, a village 5 miles North West of Manchester Airport.

Ian Brown strolls through Manchester City Centre

I love Ian Brown and I especially love this video for 'Stelify' it's great to see the gritty side of Manchester for a change. We have a lovely gritty city. He's a local lad you know, grew up in Timperley which is less than 5 miles from Manchester Airport. He's not Timperley's most famous son though! Oh no! That honour goes to . . .

Frank Sidebottom 'Panic! (on the streets of Timperley)

Frank was a true Manchester Legend and Timperley's favourite son. His life was cut short in June this year, but I hear there is talk of errecting a statue in Timperley centre in his honour. What a fitting tribute that would be.

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