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George Best Belfast City Airport is the smaller of the two airports serving the Northern Irish capital. However, unlike Belfast International, Belfast City is located close to the centre of the city making it the natural choice for many businessmen and Irish residents. With many people driving to the airport, it’s important that you choose the right parking for you and your vehicle to avoid unnecessary changes.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Belfast City Airport

Those visiting to pick-up and drop-off at Belfast City Airport will be directed to a designated area of the short-stay carpark, complete with a covered walkway to and from the main terminal doors. It’s free to park in the pick-up and drop-off section for around 10 minutes however the price can rapidly increase if you stay for any longer. If you are planning a longer stay at the airport it’s worth considering paying for short-stay parking.

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  • Belfast City Airport pick-up and drop-off (Latitude: 54.6142547 Longitude: -5.8701851)

Belfast City Airport Short-stay Parking

The short-stay carpark at Belfast City Airport is only a few minutes’ walk from the terminal doors via an undercover walkway. Prices are reasonable and the carpark’s security record is fantastic making this the natural choice for anyone staying for as long as a few days. Visitors who need to leave their vehicle for longer than a few days should book long-stay parking.

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  • Belfast City Airport Short-Stay Parking (Latitude: 52.6690137 Longitude: 1.2762721)

Belfast City Airport Long-stay Parking

If you need to leave your vehicle for longer than a couple of days at the airport long-stay parking is a natural choice. It’s only slightly further away from the terminal than short-stay and still offers a brilliant level of security. There’s no limit to how long you can leave your vehicle so if you pay for the parking you can keep your spot indefinitely.

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  • Belfast City Airport Short-Stay Parking (Latitude: 54.6175773 Longitude: -5.8675508)

Belfast City Airport Terminal Guide

As a smaller airport, Belfast City only has a single terminal. This means that no matter where you park there’s no need to worry about whether it’s the right spot for your flight. It’s easy to get between all the carparks and the terminal doors.

Hotels at Belfast City Airport

As the city of Belfast is a busy capital it can be a good idea to travel to the city the night before your flight and stay in a hotel. Due to the airport’s unique location in the centre of Belfast, almost any hotel in the city centre will suit a visitor’s needs. However, do a little digging when you’re booking and you may find that certain hotels near the airport offer their own parking deals which are well worth taking advantage of.

Helpful Hints For Visiting Belfast City Airport

  • Overnight closure: Belfast City Airport closes overnight so it’s not possible to stay in the airport through the night or book for a night flight.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Thanks to a sponsorship deal in 2014 by Ulster Bank, you can now use the Wi-Fi in Belfast City Airport completely free of charge – making it easier than ever to keep the little ones entertained.

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