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The second biggest airport in the North of England after Manchester, Newcastle Airport is a quieter airport with a focus on leisure travel. While it is nowhere near as busy as Manchester or the London airports, the carparks are much smaller so it can be just as hard to find the best space for you and your family. JetParks have created this handy guide to help you ensure you get a superb space at a fantastic price.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Newcastle Airport

While it’s not possible to park up directly in front of Newcastle Airport, there is an alternative pick-up and drop-off scheme. The Express Carpark is within a two minute walk of the terminal and is reasonably priced for up to an hour of use – making it a good choice for both picking-up and dropping-off passengers. If you’re planning on staying for any longer than an hour you should make other parking arrangements.

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Newcastle Airport Express Carpark (Latitude: 55.0371377 Longitude: -1.7119832)

Newcastle Airport Short and Mid-stay Parking

If you want to stay for longer than an hour, the Short-stay Carpark is a good choice. The entire carpark is within a five minute walk of the terminal doors and is regularly patrolled by airport security. However, prices can rise steeply after 24 hours in the Short-stay Carpark so you can book into the Medium-stay Carpark if you are planning to leave your car for a few days. Any visitors who are leaving their car for longer than a couple of days should consider Long-stay Parking.

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Newcastle Airport Short-stay (Latitude: 55.0378313 Longitude: -1.7125716)

Newcastle Airport Medium-stay (Latitude: 55.0396173 Longitude: -1.7124917)

Newcastle Airport Long-stay Parking

Long-stay parking at Newcastle spans across the entire northern edge of the airport, offering plenty of space and options for visitors to choose between. Generally, the parking gets cheaper the further you are from the airport so you’ll have to balance between convenience and price - but even the furthest reaches of the carpark are within walking distance of the terminal doors.

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Newcastle Airport Long-stay (Latitude: 55.0415694 Longitude: -1.7136726)

Newcastle Meet & Greet Parking

You can start your journey at Newcastle Airport with some VIP treatment by booking Meet & Greet parking. On the day of your visit, you’ll meet a professional valet who will take your car and park it in a secure carpark. Then when you’re returning, simply call the valet and they will bring your car to the terminal doors for collection.

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Newcastle Airport Meet & Greet (Latitude: 55.0386419 Longitude: -1.7104664)

Newcastle Airport Terminal Guide

Newcastle Airport only has a single terminal so there’s no need to worry about whether the parking you’ve chosen is the right one for your flight. All carparks have good travel links to and from the airport.

Hotels at Newcastle Airport

There are four hotels within walking distance of Newcastle Airport; the Britannia, Stone Cottage Guesthouse, the DoubleTree by Hilton and a Premier Inn. If you want to avoid missing your flight due to traffic it’s a good idea to arrive at the airport the day before and stay at one of these hotels.

Helpful Hints for Visiting Newcastle Airport

  • Everywhere Is Within Walking Distance: As the airport is quite small, even the furthest reaches of the long-stay carpark are within walking distance of the terminal doors. There is no need to worry about getting to and from your vehicle.
  • Save Money on Fast Track Tickets: While Newcastle Airport does offer Fast Track tickets, the security hall is rarely busy as the airport is one of the smaller transport hubs in the UK. Save your money for some pre-flight drinks.

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