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Possibly the smallest international airport in Britain, Durham Tees Valley Airport hosts just over 100,000 visitors a year and only offers flights to a handful of destinations. While the lower volume of passengers means that you can expect a more tailored service than at other airports, it also means that the airport approaches a lot of things differently, including parking. Whether you’re spending 15 minutes dropping off your friends and family or you’re leaving your car while you spend two weeks in Amsterdam, you’ll be parking in the single massive carpark in front of the terminal – which can make it hard to find the right space. To help you make the best decisions, we’ve put together this helpful parking guide.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Durham Airport

Parking is free for the first three hours at Durham Airport so pick-up and drop-off is a breeze compared to almost any other airport. If you are planning to stay for any longer than 3 hours, you will need to pay for short-stay parking.

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  • Durham Airport pick-up and drop-off (Latitude: 54.5126842 Longitude: -1.4349961)

Durham Airport Short-stay Parking

As the first three hours of parking are free at Durham Airport, most visitors who require short-stay parking will not need to pay. However, if you’re planning to stay for longer than three hours you’ll need to book parking with the airport.

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  • Durham Airport Short-Stay Parking (Latitude: 54.5126842 Longitude: -1.4349961)

Durham Airport Long-stay Parking

As the long-stay parking area is the same as the short-stay one at Durham Airport the same advice applies. Prices are reasonable and even the spaces at the furthest reaches of the carpark are within walking distance of the terminal doors.

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  • Durham Airport Long-Stay Parking (Latitude: 54.5126842 Longitude: -1.4349961)

Durham Airport Terminal Guide

Durham only has a single terminal and a single carpark so there’s no need to worry about whether the parking you’ve purchased is the right one for your flight.

Hotels at Durham Airport

If you’re planning on staying at a hotel the night before or after your flight at Durham Airport you’ll be able to stay at two hotels within walking distance, the Durham Tees Hotel and the St George Hotel. It’s also a good idea to check if the room fee at the hotel includes any parking or a shuttle bus to the airport to avoid paying for parking twice.

Helpful Hints For Visiting Durham Airport

  • Small Airport, Big Heart: Due to the lower volume of passengers visiting the airport, Durham can offer a much more personalised service. Call before your visit to see what the airport can offer you to make your trip the best it can be.
  • One big carpark: As the carpark at Durham is used for short-stay and long-stay it can be quite difficult to get the spots closest to the main terminal doors. If you have your heart set on a space be sure to make a booking as soon as possible.

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