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With just under a million passengers visiting every year, Exeter Airport is a transportation hub for the South-West. Every day thousands of people flock to its Main Terminal, which can make parking very difficult. However, we’ve created this helpful guide to give you a hand in making the right choices for you and your vehicle.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Exeter Airport

Exeter Airport make it easy to pick-up and drop-off passengers with the option to either pay a small fee to enter the short-stay carpark for 30 minutes or use the long-stay carpark free of charge. If you choose the short-stay carpark option, be aware that prices can sharply rise after 30 minutes so you may want to consider booking short-stay parking if you plan to stay for longer.

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  • Exeter Airport pick-up and drop-off (Latitude: 50.7306766 Longitude: -3.4158257)

Exeter Airport Short-stay Parking

Exeter has two short-stay parking areas, Carpark 1 and Carpark 2. Carpark 1 is the closest to the terminal, only 50 yds from the edge of the carpark to the doors, however, it’s also the most expensive choice. Alternatively, Carpark 2 is 75 yds from the terminal doors and slightly cheaper than Carpark 1. While neither carpark has a maximum stay length, both become pricey after a few days, making the long-stay parking options much more economical.

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  • Exeter Airport Short-Stay Parking (Latitude: 50.7303827 Longitude: -3.418119)

Exeter Airport Long-stay Parking

As with the short-stay parking, Exeter Airport also has two long-stay parking options, Carpark 3 and Carpark 4. Carpark 3 is more expensive and within walking distance, around 100 yds from the Main Terminal, with the option to take a shuttle bus. On the other hand, visitors will have to take a shuttle bus between Carpark 4 and the Main Terminal as it’s around 800yds away, but much cheaper.

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  • Exeter Airport Long-Stay Parking (Latitude: 50.7296141 Longitude: -3.4204946)

Exeter Airport Terminal Guide

Exeter Airport has a single Main Terminal so there’s no need to worry about whether the parking you have chosen is the right one for your flight. All parking options feature strong travel links to and from the terminal.

Hotels at Exeter Airport

Those planning to travel to Exeter Airport and stay the evening before their flight can choose between two hotels within walking distance, Fair Oak House and Hampton by Hilton. If you are planning to stay at either hotel it’s a good idea to find out if they offer any parking or shuttle bus services so you don’t book parking when you’ve already paid for it in the price of your room.

Helpful Hints For Visiting Exeter Airport

  • Fly to London for the best offers: Exeter Airport has strong ties to all the London Airports and has lots of offers to make the journey worthwhile, including free fast-track security and complimentary executive lounge access.
  • Drink responsibly: Exeter Airport’s management team have taken a strong stance against binge drinking so be careful not to drink too much before your flight as you may not be allowed to board your flight and you will not be compensated.

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