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Humberside Airport is one of the smallest airports in the UK, with just under 200,000 passengers visiting every year. While this small number of passengers allows Humberside to offer a much more personal approach to air travel, it also means that there are fewer transport links to and from the airport, which results in a lot of passengers arriving by car. To help you beat the competition and find a great parking space we’ve created this helpful guide full of tips and tricks every visitor to Humberside Airport should know.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Humberside Airport

Humberside Airport offers free drop-off for up to 15 minutes in its short-stay carpark, Carpark 1. This carpark is directly opposite the terminal, so your passengers will be able to quickly walk from your vehicle to the check-in desk. Prices can rise steeply after 15 minutes so it’s worth booking a short-stay parking space if you’re planning to take a little longer with your passengers.

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  • Humberside Airport pick-up and drop-off (Latitude: 53.5841991 Longitude: -0.3476062)

Humberside Airport Short-stay Parking

Short-stay parking at Humberside is confined to the carpark directly facing the terminal entrance. Prices are reasonable and every space is patrolled regularly by security. However, as the carpark is small it’s incredibly hard to get a space by just arriving and paying for one – the only way to guarantee a spot is by pre-booking. There is no maximum stay in the zone, although it can become costly to stay for longer than 24 hours so you should consider long-stay parking if you’re planning to leave your car for a few days.

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  • Humberside Airport Short-Stay Parking (Latitude: 53.584252 Longitude: -0.3478727)

Humberside Airport Long-stay Parking

Carparks 2, 3 and 4 at Humberside each offer long-stay parking, however, it’s worth bearing in mind that each carpark is priced slightly differently. The carparks grow further from the airport and cheaper as their number increase – making Carpark 2 the closest to the terminal door and the most expensive while Carpark 4 is the furthest and cheapest. While Carpark 4 is the furthest from the airport it’s still within walking distance, so thrifty travellers need not worry about choosing it for its lower price.

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  • Humberside Airport Long-Stay Parking (Latitude: 53.5841745 Longitude: -0.3499751)

Humberside Airport Terminal Guide

As a smaller airport, Humberside only has a single terminal so there’s no need to worry about which carpark is the right one for your flight. Every carpark at Humberside has a walking route to and from the Main Terminal.

Hotels at Humberside Airport

While traffic isn’t too bad around Humberside Airport, the best way to guarantee you make your flight is by staying the night before at one of the nearby hotels. Humberside is within walking distance of a Hampton by Hilton and a Nightel so any traveller looking for accommodation will be able to find something for their budget. Be sure to check with the hotels if they offer any parking packages as you can often get a deal on parking included with your room.

Helpful Hints For Visiting Humberside Airport

  • Make the most of Humberside’s size: As a smaller airport with a focus on customer service, Humberside can offer a much more tailored experience than bigger airports. Be sure to contact them ahead of your journey to find out what they can do to make your visit the best possible.
  • Lack of range: Be aware that there is only one place to get food at Humberside airport, the Aviator restaurant and bar, check ahead if its menu appeals to you or if you need to bring your own food to the airport.

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