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Hailed as the gateway to the highlands, Inverness Airport is one of the most northerly transport hubs in the UK, with the exception of Aberdeen. 800,000 passengers pass through the airport every year, with the majority arriving by car. The sheer number of cars has led to the creation of a wide range of parking services, making your booking decisions more important than ever. To give you a helping hand, JetParks have created this comprehensive guide to Inverness Airport parking.

Pick-up & Drop-off at Inverness Airport

While Inverness doesn’t have any designated pick-up or drop-off sections to park in, it does offer a free ten minutes in its short-stay zone to all visitors. The short-stay zone is close to the terminal so it’s the ideal spot to meet or leave your passengers. If you are planning to stay for longer than 10 minutes you will need to book short-parking.

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  • Inverness Airport pick-up and drop-off (Latitude: 57.5395108 Longitude: -4.0640309)

Inverness Airport Short-stay Parking

The short-stay parking area at Inverness Airport is split into four separate areas, all of which are within walking distance of the Main Terminal doors. The carparks are regularly patrolled and vary on cost depending on how close they are to the Terminal, with a significant difference between the front spaces and the ones to the rear. While there’s no maximum stay, the price of the carpark quickly increases, especially if you need to leave your vehicle for longer than a couple of days. Those who need to store their car for 3 days or more should consider long-stay parking.

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  • Inverness Airport Short-Stay Parking (Latitude: 57.5394745 Longitude: -4.0678083)

Inverness Airport Long-stay Parking

Inverness Airport’s long-stay parking area is further away from the Main Terminal, to the north-east of the short-stay parking area. It’s connected by a pedestrian walkway to the terminal so it’s still very easy for visitors to get to and from their vehicles. Prices are reasonable and should be manageable up to a couple of weeks.

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  • Inverness Airport Long-Stay Parking (Latitude: 57.5435623 Longitude: -4.0647023)

Inverness Airport Meet & Greet

If you want the very best parking experience, Inverness Airport offers a Meet and Greet parking option where you’ll be met by a professional valet who will help you unload your luggage before parking your car in a secure carpark. Upon your return, you will notify the valet and they will meet you at the exit to the Main Terminal with your vehicle. This is a fantastic service and a great option for visitors who’re look for a way to make their experience extra special.

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  • Inverness Airport Meet & Greet Parking (Latitude: 57.5394745 Longitude: -4.0678083)

Inverness Airport Terminal Guide

There’s no need to worry about whether the parking choice you’ve chosen is the right one for your flight as the Main Terminal is Inverness Airport’s only terminal. Every carpark has good travel links to and from the terminal doors.

Hotels at Inverness Airport

Those coming from further away to Inverness Airport may want to stay at a hotel the night before their flight. If you’re planning to find accommodation in the area you will find many large chains and independent hotels within a short drive of the airport. It’s also worth checking if your hotel offers parking and any form of shuttle bus service to the airport as it can be a good option to reduce the cost of parking.

Helpful Hints For Visiting Inverness Airport

  • Take a walk through the history of aviation: Just across from the airport in the nearby industrial estate is the Highland Aviation Museum. If you have time before your flight it’s a great trip for the whole family and boasts several unique exhibits.
  • Stay up to date on your flight: Inverness Airport maintain a complete set of live times for all flights arriving and departing the airport. Be sure to check the airport’s website to find all the details for your flight, including delays.

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